www2007 initial summary
posted by shuri on 2007-05-13 17:02:38
tags: news,www2007
The www2007 conference is over. It was fun. There were some real good presentations. I summarized and linked to some below. I am sure there are many more good papers that may have been missed during the conference due to the presentations.
The yahoo party was fun and I won a squeezebox music player :). The banquet was fun and I thought the food was good.
Banff is amazing, a small town of 6700 people according to wikipedia which is largely only there for tourists. The main street is a long street with almost nothing but restaurants and gift shops. Lake Louise is really close by and everything is beautiful. Wild life, snow, mountains, forests, all very beautiful.
One of the interesting things about the www conference is that it is so diverse, people from the academia and industry all come here to look for good ideas. Furthermore, the Internet touches almost every field these days and the conference is just huge. A production of this scale is really difficult and all in all I think it was a great success.
So, I hope to be back in Beijing, China in 2008.