Crazy speculation about the future of Google
posted by shuri on 2007-11-01 11:43:23
tags: news,crazy,speculation
It all starts with google healthcare which in 2012 starts volunteering to store your DNA and data mine it for possible illnesses matching them with cure advertisements. So far so good.
One year before that in 2011 will have been bought by Google. Google and will then focus on full sensory 24 hour capture and data mining.
Together these two acquisitions almost complete the picture. All that is missing is technology envisioned by the island, resident evil: extinction, of course the matrix, and brave new world that will enable Google to grow clones of everybody on earth using their own DNA while feeding them the sensory input of their original version. Later the clones knowledge can be harvested or just replacement parts sold to the owners.
That is however a bit wasteful. Using what they call OpenSocial API and an algorithm much like PageRank they will intelligently decide which people are worth cloning and which are not.
Crazy? I am not sure.