Who online is analogous to a Cable Co.?
posted by shuri on 2008-05-18 20:53:46
tags: news,video,online,cable

What I blog is not always exactly news. For this reasosn, you already know the "right answer" to the question asked. Facebook VP says Facebook is analogous to a cable company. I say, really really bad analogy. So who is is analogous to a Cable Co.?

Maybe it is Hulu? I was all excited to see TV commercials on-line. They certainly can become an on-line "cable company". But they post incomplete seasons, trying to tease the users I guess. Tease them into what? Going back to the television maybe? That is a bad recipe towards becoming an on-line cable company. We want new content. We don't want to have to buy a cable box. We have the eye-balls, don't you want them?

The current analogous to a cable company is sidereel.com. No, strike that they are the tv-guide. The back-end, the pipes are sites like 56.com, megavideo.com, tudou.com. These sites cannot be simply dismissed as youtube want-to-be-s. They host videos longer than 10 minutes, some of them have nice features like being able to play several episodes in a row automatically. Should they be dismissed as simple pirate sites?

Compare Hulu to sidereel. Hulu just re-posted last weeks episode of house. sidereel on the other hand has above 17 links to the full episodes. Granted, sidereel's links are sometimes too slow and that is annoying. The fact that they don't include commercials doesn't make me too happy. I would prefer a source that would deliver the stream fast enough and would be happy if I can watch commercials to help sustain the model. Hulu needs to be better than sidereel.

Take southparkstudios.com, the official southpark site. They make the content available immediately after it finishes to air. They get it.

Youtube thrived on illegal content as well. They proved that illegal content, with brilliant business peoplel, can make business sense. The next cable company is somewhere out there, I am highly skeptical of it being Facebook, Hulu? Maybe.