On the perills of almost awsome execution
posted by shuri on 2009-06-29 17:32:15
tags: news,awsome,execution

I spent a few hours installing moinmoin. I chose moinmoin because it is implemented in python and having enjoyed python lately I wanted the option of adding some stuff to the wiki.

The installation was long but not painfull, I figured out what I needed to do, I did it and it worked. All the features I expected seemed to be there, so I spent a few more hours entering and importing content into it. Finally, our group had a meeting to review what to do next.

One of my mac friends, showed up with his new shinny macbook pro. I've been thinking of getting one myself and seeing one made resisting harder. Unfortunately, moinmoin refused to show the WYSIWYG editor in the safari browser. Bummer, that's a deal breaker.

Moinmoin may be a brilliant piece of engineering but we are going to switch to twiki which does work in safari. One missing feature, bug or quirk is enough for ungrateful people to toss all your hard work aside and go play with somebody else. This feature happen to be the killer feature for us, but any other feature may be the killer feature for your users.

I experienced a similar incident from the other side of the table, albeit with a much more humble half-baked endeavor. I wrote a small site for personal use, a site I have been using for over a year. But it was in no way, stable, debugged or ready. I showed it to a friend and the thing crashed quite horribly. Now, even though I prefixed this demo with all the usual disclaimers it still made a bad impression. Next time when I show him anything he will approach it with reserve and apprehension. Bummer.

What's my point? You can't do it all, but anything less than awsome is just not good enough.


(update: we're trying to follow up on moinmoin. It uses FCKEditor which should support safari now, and supposedly so should moinmoin since the FCKEdit version is high enough. You get the picture.).