Announcing iPod ShuffleTooth
posted by shuri on 2007-04-06 19:15:46
tags: news,ipod,apple
I will get to the iPod ShuffleTooth in a minute. First I want to talk about a few theories, hopefully soon to become full-fledged rumors.

Many things bothered me about the non-existing iPhone. The first thing that bothered me was that it seemed to me, Steve Jobs was forced to dedicate the entire key-note speech to a product that will not come out for six months, giving out its specs in an ultra-competitive market for all the phone makers to try and match. Rephrasing an IBM motivational slogan, "people expect more from Steve Jobs". This is why I think we can expect some surprises along the way.

The second thing that bothered me was the price. Summing up the price of a phone and an iPod seemed wrong. Surely the two share some circuitry? Surely the price can be lower? Given that you have competition, you can't just sum the prices up? Right? That is why I think that one of the surprises we can expect is a much lower price for the iPhone.

Finally, as wonderful apple is in designing superbly intuitive products for the people, disregarding all hockey pucks that may have slipped by, would they expect us to actually hold this big square to our ears? Is this their idea of good human design? Furthermore, I have this notion that they want us to have more than just one iPod per person. This is why I think one of their products is going to be the ShuffleTooth, a bluetooth supporting ipod shuffle that will support communication with phones in general, and offer superb-integration with the iPhone. You tuck away your iPhone safely in your bag, clip that tiny shuffle-tooth to your shirt and plug in the ear-phones. No heavy, big, bulky bluetooth headset hanging from your ear. You can answer calls with one click, simultaneously pausing the music. The iPhone may even push more music to your shuffle after a period of time. But will that be the last iPod you will ever need?

The next obvious step, a step many scientists have been talking about for years, is making the iPhone your gateway and hub of your personal area network, a small wireless network that exists only in a small space around you, used only by yourself, and is shared between all your gadgets. A bigger video ipod can then be used to watch movies or read books. The sound can be streamed directly to your ShuffleTooth while the video will be pushed to your big screen video iPod.
Am I right? Time will tell. But I hope I am right because it sure does sound cool.