Interview with Kevin Rose
posted by shuri on 2006-01-26 15:27:48
tags: news
O.K. If you have not heard about digg you should not waste time any more time.
Start off looking with the latest video podcast ("t.v" show delivered over the internet?!) in diggnation.
This podcast supposedly covers some of the stories on digg. It is actually very very funny watching these two guys try and talk while consuming more and more alcohol. So check it out
Digg is one of the hottest things on the net. A real competitor to slashdot in the nerd news departement.
Why is it so hot? It leverages on the current "everything social" trend.
If you inisist on using the web2.0 buzzword do it youself. The digg spy is a very interesting AJAX application of although I am afraid it is not very useful.
So anyway, check out this interview with him. Good times :)