The nontrepreneurs and my 2cents
posted by shuri on 2009-10-11 21:11:38
tags: news,entrepreneurship

Bear With Claws has a nice piece about the nontrepreneur. Basically he talks about the talkers and encourages them to do. This article spoke to me but I think there is a bigger picture.

There is an evolution or a hierarchy of people who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

  1. The idea guy: He has tons of ideas, some of them even good. A good idea guy, keeps one of those little notebooks, maybe even some electronic device to keep track of all his ideas. He keeps it very very secret and does absolutely nothing with it. Happily counting them off as others build them and make them popular.
  2. The Talker a.k.a the nontrepreneur: He wants to get something going. He wants to find the right partner to somehow get beyond the idea stage. He talks to his friends and they talk back. Maybe they spend a lot of time convincing each other that their ideas are not good enough.
  3. The starter: The  starter picks one of his ideas and starts working on it. Maybe he does a bit of research, writes a design, buys a domain. An advanced Starter may even start implementing something. Eventually the starter will lose interest, get distracted, lose focus and move on.
  4. The finisher: This guy knows that beginnings will get you nowhere, you need to finish something. He will finish a prototype. He has the focus necessary to stick with something for more than a week. He might be one of these guys that does not want to leave in the middle of a movie even if it makes him physically sick (Cloverfield?). He might even post a link or give it to one of his friends. Eventually, since he built it and they didn't come, he'll forget about it.
  5. The Successful Entrepreneur All the previous categories were easy, they defined what was missing, what might stop you from being a successful entrepreneur. But what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? I cannot really say. Maybe it's having ideas, identifying the good ones, having the focus and determination to start and finish something, getting friends to help you, getting friends to try your product, pushing and pushing, changing the focus when needed... Maybe it's having a business plan?

Maybe someday I'll have a better answer, if and when I move to the next stage :).