Digg, do not just "Follow" but Upvote
posted by shuri on 2010-05-28 23:48:53
tags: daily,bits,news

The new upcoming Digg seems interesting. It seems they are trying to reclaim their territory back from Twitter. Simplifying and streamlining submissions while adopting the twitter follow metaphor.Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian responds claiming Kevin is getting sidetracked by VCs. Not sure if I completely agree. There is nothing wrong with embracing good ideas of competitors and evolving your product.

However, I would want to see Digg going beyond the "follow". Let us call it upvote a user instead. If you upvote a person, you do not have to show everything the people you upvote say nor are you limited to displaying only that. Furthermore, you do not have to reveal to a user which users upvoted him. This takes care of the noise caused by reciprocity. What is in a name? An upvote fits better with what Digg is and what Digg offers, and can offer a more useful semantics. I think there is room for a cleaner Twitter, one without all the chatter and Digg could become it. As for streamlining the submission process, I am a great believer in the "Path of Least resistance" so that is definitely a good thing. Now we can sit back and watch.