Healthy food and Subway vs. Quiznos
posted by shuri on 2007-04-07 22:27:13
tags: subway,food,fast,news,diet,heath,quiznos,heal,h
One thing that disturbs me about the US is how hard it is to eat healthy food. On the next commercial break, try and pay attention to what is being pushed to your head.
There are two things that are publicized very often, two things that have opposite effects on your body. On the one hand they are trying to sell you fast food, greasy food, unhealthy food. The other most popular type of commercials sell you diet pills, ab muscle contraptions, and expensive diets. As long as they can keep you buying both, why should they care?
Back to Subway vs. Quiznos. Quiznos is good, its tasty, but I do not think it is as healthy as Subway can be. Quiznos sells you their pre-configured sandwiches. They taste great, a bit more expensive, but the sandwich-people will not let you configure the sandwich however you want it.
Subway on the other hand, let you choose the bread, the size,and each and every individual ingredient. You can get exactly the sandwich you want, exactly as healthy as you want it and at a good price. So although I sin every once in a while with a Quiznos, I think I like Subway better.
Oh, oh, and at least in westwood, UCLA students get a discount.