Podcasts you should know about
posted by shuri on 2007-04-08 01:22:45
tags: news,podcas,s,online,shows
There are a few podcasts on the web that you should know about. But first, let us make something clear. No, you do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts. For that matter, you do not even need an mp3 player, just any old computer will do. You just go to the webpages, and click on the links or play buttons.

Now that we have got that out of the way we can give some good links to podcasts. The first I think should be diggnation. In this podcast, the founder of digg and his sidekick slash friend Alex Albrecht cover some of the week\'s most popular stories. But one thing should be clear, people do not listen to the podcast to catch up on these stories. People listen to this podcast because these two guys are funny and interesting. Especially when they get drunk, and they do get drunk on the podcast a lot!. Personally, what I find amazing is the founder of a company like digg, who has, in my opinion, changed the face of the web, remains real and can get drunk each week reminiscing on stuff they did as teenagers.

The second podcast that is excellent is also part of the revision3 podcast empire and its called InDigital. This is a podcast that is produced with simply amazing quality. Each undetermined amount of time they release a podcast that includes several interesting technology reviews. Again, good stuff!

Cranky Geeks is the third show I watch regularly. A very fun show where John C. Dvorak and a changing panel of cranky geeks assemble to complain about the latest news. A very entertaining and interesting show. Especially entertaining is the obsessiveness at which John C. Dvorak plugs his blog and the cranky responses he receives when doing so.

Yet another good podcast is This Week In Tech or TWIT for short. This is one of many excellent podcasts offered by the twit.tv "network". This podcast comes with no video, and covers some of the hot news in tech every week. Again, a very fun podcast. Checkout the twit.tv website for more excellent podcasts about macs, security and open source.

These are the podcasts I listen to on a quite regular basis. Notable is the attempt of several players, such as revision3 and twit, to become a network of podcasts. It will be certainly interesting to see what happens in this space and who will be the major players three years from now.

I am sure there are many more podcasts out there I should be listening to. I am setting up a podcast page so email me if you think there is some podcast I would like.