Why paper to-do lists work better
posted by shuri on 2007-04-22 15:43:21
tags: news
It took me some time to figure this out, but for me, paper todo lists work better. Now the great Life Hacker are agreeing with me :)
They link to two lists with five reasons and six more reasons why paper is better.
I tried to figure out why paper works better for me, what I came up with is:
  • Limited storage: You can only write so much on one page and you can only do some much in a week.
  • Easy Access: It is very easy to clear your mind GTD style.
  • My horrible hand writing: For some reason it is easier for me to read my horrible hand writing.

I believe that someone can make a lot of money by finding out why paper works better and using that to improve the electronic methods. Paper won't be the best method for ever, but for now, paper works for me.