Gilly Schonfeld is not only a sister, she's a little sister. A perfect little sister, friend and human being. Read her stuff (if you can read hebrew. If you can't it's a good reason to learn).

Gil Zigelman is a great friend. Checkout the 3D faces he has in his site.

Tal Raichman, a great friend who's been living in San Francisco for some time now. He's married to Jennifer Raichman

Zvika Guz is an interesting smart and cool guy. I like him, you should too.

Idit Keidar is one of my instructors in the Technion

Ziv Bar Yossef is one of my instructors in the Technion

Ehud Shavit Everything Ehud does is 100% tested, checked and verified inside and out.

Yoav Levy is a great guy period. Check out his homepage here.

I am very glad I had a chance to work with Muli Ben Yehuda. He's a great guy, very honest and knows just about everything about Linux (GNU/Linux :), programming and everything else.

Dotan Di Castro. Great name for a great guy. Check out his website here

Sandy, a.k.a Sandwich, our beloved dog. A dear friend who died July 19th 2005