• Make sure you are proud of yourself tomorrow
  • Make tomorrows you proud
  • Life is hard and then you die; but uptill then you should be optimistic
  • This is what we have and with it we shall win
  • This is my decision, and with it I shall win
  • The key to running for half an hour is to start running and whatever happens, not to stop for half an hour.
  • People keep doing what they are doing until something bad enough happens for them to remember to change.


Can you honestly call the above a philosophy? Probably not

Then why did you put the above statements here? I put them here because they are realizations that took me some time reach. I put them here because I find them helpful. They help me deal with life. I believe the modern day atheist needs his own religion

Religion? Religion?! Come on! Please!?!!So to speak

Hugh? I call it blind, sober, realistic optimism. Modern day religion for the atheist

Oh. Yeah

Is uptill a real word? I am not really sure. It's kind of short for up until which may be wrong as well